Hi all, and welcome to the Fridge 2 Plate developers’ journal. Here you can read the thoughts of the developers, including myself, of why and how the Fridge 2 Plate site came together.

This application came together as a final group project to test and develop our skills. I personally enjoy to cook for myself and others as a mean to save money as well as bring my friends and family together. One of the problems I always ran into was having ingredients, but not knowing what I could cook with those ingredients. This is how the base idea of how Fridge 2 Plate came together.

I know and have seen other websites that have already gone and done this idea already, but as I said before, the development of Fridge 2 Plate isĀ to test and developĀ our skills as growing web developers.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to follow our journey.

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